Terms and Conditions

1.     Occy Tipsters Pty Ltd are not a bookmaker or a wagering website, we do not accept or receive any form of bet.

2.      Occy Tipsters Pty Ltd are a racing and sports advisory providing tipping services, we do not give financial advice.

3.     By using this website, members confirm that they are over the age of 18 and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

4.     Occy Tipsters reserves the right to require any reasonably requested ID before payment of subscription credit.

5.     Being a member of our service at occytipsters.com.au and receiving our tips, members must know and agree that the tips are confidential & private. They should not be forwarded, shared, re-tipped, sent or posted under any circumstance unless given written consent from Occy Tipsters Pty Ltd

6.     Whilst Occy Tipsters Pty Ltd believe in the form that we provide, this does not guarantee success, this is an educated guide only. Past performance is not an indicator for future performance , so good results prior or during signing up doesn’t guarantee success. Gambling is a choice. Occy Tipsters Pty Ltd provide options only. Members should Know the risks of gambling/betting and that it is a risk and a choice of the gambler and they could lose their bets. Occy Tipsters Pty Ltd is not responsible for members’ losses. Gambling losses will not be refunded as Occy Tipsters Pty Ltd is designed to provide tips only

7.     Occy Tipsters Pty Ltd does not provide any assurances or guarantees that any of the horses, races and events which have been the subject of tips by Occy Tipsters Pty Ltd have not been cancelled, postponed or otherwise varied. All personal bets are responsible to the person associated with allocating that bet and the person/business associated with accepting that bet, as Occy Tipsters Pty Ltd ONLY provide tips. In the event that any such horse or event is cancelled, postponed or varied Occy Tipsters Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility and relevantly, your subscription is non-refundable.

8. Occy Tipsters Pty Ltd is an advocate of responsible gambling. Occy Tipsters Pty Ltd wants members to be in control of their gambling at all times and not allow member’s gambling to control them. Please ensure that when implementing Occy Tipsters Pty Ltd tips that members do so in a controlled manner with the key principle to always gamble responsibly.

9.     From time to time occytipsters.com.au may change the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of its subscription service. By continuing to subscribe after such amendments have been made members agree to be bound by the terms as changed. If members do not agree with the changes they should stop their subscription.  

10.   You must not send, disclose, repost, share, send etc any information that you receive as part of your membership with Occy Tipsters Pty Ltd unless we give written consent, or legally by law you are required by the police.

11.   All information received by customers as part of their membership from Occy Tipsters Pty Ltd is the intellectual property of Occy Tipsters, and is owned exclusively by the company.

12.   Occasionally, we may throw events or you may gain access to events, or activities associated with your membership with Occy Tipsters Pty Ltd. The company may take photographs and/or video footage containing your identity. All material obtained may be used in any advertising for the Company.

13. If you are on auto-renewal-able payment it’s the customer’s responsibility to stop the payment, we have provided a YouTube video on how to change the status.. or you can go to account and do it yourself.

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