Who is Occy?


Occy’s early role model was his grandfather, who loved the racing game and would take the youngster with him to watch the horses run. One of his earliest memories was of his grandfather pulling off a plunge and coming home with a suitcase full of grey hundred dollar bills. The smell of the money was something that he would never forget.

Life in the racing game wasn’t always that glamorous, though. Occy’s dad trained and drove trotters in a very competitive era, and plunges didn’t always come off. But this never deterred Occy from his love for the sport.

He took his first punt when he was thirteen. Sir Sheffield was the name of the horse, a $2 win at 33-1. The gelding won in the last stride and filled what were once empty pockets. Occy was hooked.

Growing up, Occy also had the opportunity to work in stables, with bookmakers and professional punters. He also developed an affinity for sports punting, harness racing and poker, not to mention thoroughbred racing.

Occy lived off his punting alone while residing in Asia in his twenties. His motto was to beat the bookie, and beat the bookie he has. To do so has become his daily mantra, and when times get tough doing hours of form work, the desire to win always prevails.

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